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Member Rights and Resources

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With Trillium Medicare Advantage, you’ll always have someone on your side to help you be in charge of your health. The friendly service and easy-to-understand information you receive from Trillium Medicare Advantage will help you feel confident about making healthcare decisions. So as you enter the next exciting stage in your life, you’ll be ready for whatever’s next.

Below are a few quick links to help you make the most out of your Trillium Medicare Advantage coverage.

Pay Your Premium

Quickly and securely pay your monthly premium. 

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Advance Directives

Create a living will or designate a power of attorney.

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Part C Prior Authorization

Learn how to request a prior authorization for certain medical services.

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Login to Your Account

Quickly and securely pay your monthly premium. 

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Find a Medication

View our Formulary to see what drugs are covered. 

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Medicare Rewards

Earn rewards when you complete healthy behaviors. 

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Appeals & Grievances

Learn about your rights for filing an appeal or grievance.

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Can’t find what you need? Contact Member Services. We are here to help!